Welcome to the Ban #45 T-shirt Movement! Our Tangerine Tees and Things is an innovative t-shirt line with catchy, trendy and well illustrated slogans, such as "ban tANGERine man," "Entire Cabinet for Sale" and "Your Ties Matter."

The artist skillfully, and with great wit, illustrate #45's issues of integrity and character. Her slogans feel like they are snatched straight from the headlines. One example is the "Your Ties Matter" tee which indicates that the President's ties to Russia are a concern for the American people. She is obviously watching the President and like the media is there to report.

Everyone is sure to find a personal banner somewhere in this collection and we say wave it and resist #45 unapologetically.

The artist declares consistently throughout her line that this culture of lies will not be our new norm. She addresses important issues, such as bullying, and lying and illustrates these themes from a multidisciplinary approach. A lot of emphasis is put on such important themes as unity, love and inclusiveness. She designs her tees from a worldview that encompasses business, counseling, medicine and education.

She is probably the most relevant anti-Trump illustrator in the country, designing to include influences from football, HIP HOP and even biblical concepts, such as "sowing and reaping" into her messages. The artist passionately advocates for the underdogs, supports the media, and offers a "win" for all solutions to this new culture of lies. She says, "Lets Alternate #45, instead of FACTS" and there's a tee for that.

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