According to the artist, we are in the midst of the @#45 movement where everyone has wearable options to voice their frustrations with the current administration as well as to show their stand against everything wrong in it. 

The artist has designed 150 plus tees and they are ready to be added to her production line up. Keep your eyes on this line, because she promises to continue to bring you the trendiest anti-Trump tees.

The artist is an advocate for education having an earned doctorate herself. She's equally passionate about social injustice, equality issues, cross cultural sensitivity and believes strongly in diversity. The artist believes in affordable healthcare and advancements that actually benefits the American people. It is these passions that are the catalyst for her to develop this tee line. Thus, people can pick up the banner that represents their greatest passions. Her message is sometimes subtle, but mostly bold, which is more reflective of her personality.

She says her line is for everyone who wants people to know their side in the TRUMP conversation. 

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